Belen Virtual

1.0 สำหรับ

Create a nativity scene on your computer



Christmass is a special time of the year in which ornaments take on a special importance. One of the most traditional ornaments is the nativity scene which you can now also enjoy on your computer.

Belen Virtual (virtual nativity) is a free application for Windows which you can use to create your own nativity scene on your computer, allowing you to create many different scenes thanks to the many options of different backgrounds and the complete mobility of the figurines.

Like on any respectable nativity scene, you will be able to use a whole repertoire of figurines to place on your background: Joseph, the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, donkeys, mules, the star, the angel, the three kings, the shepherds and their sheep and, of course, the gate to Bethlehem.

Belen Virtual is thus a great application for kids, and not-so-kids alike who will all enjoy building the nativity scene directly on their computers.